wan* der* lust (n.)

a deep, uncurable longing or desire to travel and explore the world and to understand one's very existence.


Each scent in the Wanderlust Collection is inspired by a different location (and features that location’s coordinates) and is meant to ignite your own desire to wander & explore all the amazing places this world has to offer. Adventure is calling!


The stars over the mountain-tops on the wraparound label will become more vibrant as the candle burns down, and the glowing flame can be seen through the stars!  This candle features a wooden wick that crackles lightly when it burns for added ambiance. 


Alabama Sweet Tea - the scent of a cold, tall glass of sweet tea being enjoyed on the porch on a hot, summer day 

Amarillo BBQ - the scent of smoky hickory bbq

Arabian Peninsula - the scent of exotic oud wood, tonka, green leaves, & lilies

The Araucaria Forest - the scent of woodsy, green pine trees

Autumn in Salem - the scent of crisp air & fallen leaves with hints of orange peel & nutmeg

Bora Bora Bungalow - the scent of lush greenery, coral reefs, stunning lagoons, & tropical fruits

Canals of Amsterdam - the scent of elm trees, water, musty books, & hints of cannabis

Central Park - the scent of fresh cut grass and hints of clove

City of Light - the scent of musky florals & sensual cabernet 

Cliffs of Moher - the scent of oakmoss, sage, & earthy woods

DC Cherry Blossoms - the scent of pink, fragrant cherry blossoms, dark amber, & oak 

Denali National Park - the scent of mountain streams & fresh evergreen on a brisk Alaskan morning

Florida Citrus Grove - the scent of orange blossoms and bright orange zest

Grotta Azzurra - the scent of limoncello, sea-infused tropical flowers. & sun-drenched volcanic rocks

Havana Nights - the scent of hot summer nights with notes of spiced citrus, sensual jasmine, lily, & amber 

Iceland Hot Springs - the scent of cool ozone, lush moss, bergamot, & violet

Iguazu Falls - the scent of lush, leafy greens, revitalizing breezes, & watery notes

Kawachi Fuji Wisteria Flower Tunnel - the scent of light, floral wisteria surrounding you

Khari Baoli Spice Market - the scent of clove, vetiver, & exotic ancient spices

Ko Olina Lagoons - the scent of crisp ozone, green florals, & fresh waters

Lake Tahoe - the scent of fresh air, cool water, pine, cedar, & light florals

Le Marais Café - the scent of café au lait & pain au chocolat wafting out of a French cafe 

London Fog - the scent of clean greenery, earthy ozone, and musk

Mackinac Island Lilac Festival - the scent of sweet lilac in peak bloom

Mezcals in Cozumel - the scent of sweet but earthy mezcals being enjoyed on sandy beaches

Mount Fuji - the scent of mossy pine, fresh mountain air, & intoxicating florals

Mykonos White Sand - the scent of driftwood, sea kelp, amber, & white sandy beaches

Napa Valley Winery - the scent of grapes ripening on the vine, musky figs, & warm wood

Navy Pier - the scent of buttery, sweet caramel popcorn

New England Spring - the scent of fresh greenery, roses, orchid, & bergamot

Northern Lights in Estonia - the scent of fresh ozone, white lily, & tonka bean 

Pacific Crest Trail - the scent of oakwood, leather, mandarin, & iris

Paddling on the Bayou - the scent of water, moss, evergreen, & cypress

Peruvian Palo Santo - the scent of warm, woody palo santo & sandalwood mixed with sweet patchouli

Pictured Rocks - the scent of fresh air, cool lake water, seaweed, & minerals

Provence Lavender Fields - the scent of fragrant French lavender flowers

Saint Thomas Spa Retreat - the scent of salty sea breezes, crystal blue waters, lilac, saffron, & sandalwood 

Sands of Egypt - the scent of warm spices, sandalwood, & amber

Santorini Sunset - the scent of Mediterranean figs, bergamot, & basil leaves

Scottish Moors - the scent of fresh rain, fields of heather, & ozone 

Sequoia National Park - the scent of deep woods, mossy greens, & soil

Shenandoah Night Sky - the scent of crackling cedar & sandalwood, blackberry merlot & whiskey, & lightly toasted marshmallows

Slopes of Telluride - the scent of wet snow, cold air, woodland moss, winter anise, & menthol 

Stockholm Archipelago - the scent of salty ocean breezes with hints of oakmoss & musk lingering with light florals

Summer in Savannah - the scent of bright Georgia peaches & sweet magnolia blossoms

Sunshine Coast - the scent of bamboo, fresh air, citrus, & white musk

Tibetan Temple - the scent of incense, exotic florals, & patchouli 

Tuscan Fields - the scent of rich blood orange, black raspberry, & plum blended with burgundy rose & vetiver

Vermont Fall Foliage - the scent of earthy foliage with hints of berry, apple, & spices

Winter in Aspen - the scent of snow-covered pine trees, cold breezes, & spicy cloves

Wanderlust Collection

  • Most Wanderlust Collection orders can be shipped within 2 - 4 weeks, depending on size of order and time of year.