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wan* der* lust (n.)

a deep, uncurable longing or desire to travel and explore the world and to understand one's very existence.


Each scent in the Wanderlust Collection is inspired by a different location (and features that location’s coordinates) and is meant to ignite your own desire to wander & explore all the amazing places this world has to offer. Adventure is calling!


The Wanderlust Collection is available in gold travel tins (to take on your own adventures) as well as our standard size 9oz jar (to light at home while you dream about your next travel plans). 


The stars over the mountain-tops on the wraparound label will become more vibrant as the candle burns down, and the glowing flame can be seen through the stars!  This candle features a wooden wick that crackles lightly when it burns for added ambiance. 


Alabama Sweet Tea - the scent of a cold, tall glass of sweet tea being enjoyed on the porch on a hot, summer day 

Amarillo BBQ - the scent of smoky hickory bbq

Arabian Peninsula - the scent of exotic oud wood, tonka, green leaves, & lilies

The Araucaria Forest - the scent of woodsy, green pine trees

Autumn in Salem - the scent of crisp air & fallen leaves with hints of orange peel & nutmeg

Bora Bora Bungalow - the scent of lush greenery, coral reefs, stunning lagoons, & tropical fruits

Canals of Amsterdam - the scent of elm trees, water, musty books, & hints of cannabis

Central Park - the scent of fresh cut grass and hints of clove

City of Light - the scent of musky florals & sensual cabernet 

Cliffs of Moher - the scent of oakmoss, sage, & earthy woods

DC Cherry Blossoms - the scent of pink, fragrant cherry blossoms, dark amber, & oak 

Denali National Park - the scent of mountain streams & fresh evergreen on a brisk Alaskan morning

Florida Citrus Grove - the scent of orange blossoms and bright orange zest

Grotta Azzurra - the scent of limoncello, sea-infused tropical flowers. & sun-drenched volcanic rocks

Havana Nights - the scent of hot summer nights with notes of spiced citrus, sensual jasmine, lily, & amber 

Iceland Hot Springs - the scent of cool ozone, lush moss, bergamot, & violet

Iguazu Falls - the scent of lush, leafy greens, revitalizing breezes, & watery notes

Kawachi Fuji Wisteria Flower Tunnel - the scent of light, floral wisteria surrounding you

Khari Baoli Spice Market - the scent of clove, vetiver, & exotic ancient spices

Ko Olina Lagoons - the scent of crisp ozone, green florals, & fresh waters

Lake Tahoe - the scent of fresh air, cool water, pine, cedar, & light florals

Le Marais Café - the scent of café au lait & pain au chocolat wafting out of a French cafe 

London Fog - the scent of clean greenery, earthy ozone, and musk

Mackinac Island Lilac Festival - the scent of sweet lilac in peak bloom

Mezcals in Cozumel - the scent of sweet but earthy mezcals being enjoyed on sandy beaches

Mount Fuji - the scent of mossy pine, fresh mountain air, & intoxicating florals

Mykonos White Sand - the scent of driftwood, sea kelp, amber, & white sandy beaches

Napa Valley Winery - the scent of grapes ripening on the vine, musky figs, & warm wood

Navy Pier - the scent of buttery, sweet caramel popcorn

New England Spring - the scent of fresh greenery, roses, orchid, & bergamot

Northern Lights in Estonia - the scent of fresh ozone, white lily, & tonka bean 

Pacific Crest Trail - the scent of oakwood, leather, mandarin, & iris

Paddling on the Bayou - the scent of water, moss, evergreen, & cypress

Peruvian Palo Santo - the scent of warm, woody palo santo & sandalwood mixed with sweet patchouli

Pictured Rocks - the scent of fresh air, cool lake water, seaweed, & minerals

Provence Lavender Fields - the scent of fragrant French lavender flowers

Saint Thomas Spa Retreat - the scent of salty sea breezes, crystal blue waters, lilac, saffron, & sandalwood 

Sands of Egypt - the scent of warm spices, sandalwood, & amber

Santorini Sunset - the scent of Mediterranean figs, bergamot, & basil leaves

Scottish Moors - the scent of fresh rain, fields of heather, & ozone 

Sequoia National Park - the scent of deep woods, mossy greens, & soil

Shenandoah Night Sky - the scent of crackling cedar & sandalwood, blackberry merlot & whiskey, & lightly toasted marshmallows

Slopes of Telluride - the scent of wet snow, cold air, woodland moss, winter anise, & menthol 

Stockholm Archipelago - the scent of salty ocean breezes with hints of oakmoss & musk lingering with light florals

Summer in Savannah - the scent of bright Georgia peaches & sweet magnolia blossoms

Sunshine Coast - the scent of bamboo, fresh air, citrus, & white musk

Tibetan Temple - the scent of incense, exotic florals, & patchouli 

Tuscan Fields - the scent of rich blood orange, black raspberry, & plum blended with burgundy rose & vetiver

Vermont Fall Foliage - the scent of earthy foliage with hints of berry, apple, & spices

Winter in Aspen - the scent of snow-covered pine trees, cold breezes, & spicy cloves


Wanderlust Collection

  • If there is any damage to your order, please contact us by email and include photos of damage to product as wells as photos of the packaging within 5 business days of receiving.  We will then issue a credit or replacement for damaged items.  After this time, we are not responsible for items.  We recommend keeping candles out of direct sun and heat to preserve quality and appearance of candles. 

  • Most orders ship out within 2 - 3 weeks.  Occasionally it can be in less time depending on other orders, our schedules, etc.  Please note that orders are typically made to order, and everything is hand-poured in small batches.  These are NOT coming to you from a large factory with dozens of workers. 


    If you do need your order more quickly, please email us or leave a note, and we will see what we can do!

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