The Classic Collection is simple and clean, featuring a timeless black & white style with fun & unique scents that are anything but average.

Apple Maple Bourbon - mulled cider, cinnamon bark, maple syrup, and bourbon whiskey

Applewood & Fern - crisp apple blended with fresh fern and cedar

Autumn Leaves - cinnamon, cloves, and allspice over dry apple peel and maple with a base of fresh fallen leaves

Bitches Brew - woody balsamic resins, patchouli, herbaceous florals

Bite Me - sparkling lime & orange, sweet cherry punch

Bonfire Bliss - dry woods, heliotrope, charred pine & cedar, smoky sandalwood, & amber

Book Shop - mandarin, tarragon, osmanthus, amber, musk, caramel, tobacco, patchouli

Bourbon Street - rich bourbon, smoky sandalwood, and subtle tobacco notes

Chai - gourmet tea leaves, rich spices, vanilla soy milk

Drunken Pumpkin - pumpkin, mahogany, & clove blended with rich maple, oak, and bourbon

Flannel Shirt - bergamot, nutmeg, honey, cloves, vanilla bean, cocoa

Hipster - perfectly groomed bushy beards, plaid shirts, ripped jeans, strong coffee

Lavender Pumpkin - pumpkin spice with just the right amount of lavender to create a unique but amazing scent

Palo Santo - palo santo wood, warm amber, and soft musk

Pumpkin Creme Brulee - cardamom, cinnamon, maple, pumpkin puree, rum, caramelized sugar, french vanilla

Pumpkin Honey Chai - creamy pumpkin with freshly grated cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, & black chai...balanced with smooth notes of vanilla, milk, & honey

Pumpkin Spiced Latte - get your Basic Bitch on with this true to life scent

Roasted Coffee - freshly ground coffee from your favorite coffee house

Teakwood & Cardamom - masculine blend of teakwood, cardamom, clove, cedar, amber, sandalwood

Tobacco & Red Cedar - tobacco leaves and warm cedar

Vermont Honey Apple - sweet apple, anjou pear, and white nectarine blended with honey butter, coconut milk, and subtle musk

Witching Hour - cinnamon bark, cannabis flower, black tea, patchouli

The 9oz jar holds 8oz of 100% soybean wax by weight and boasts a 45 - 65 hour burn time.

The 4oz jar holds 4oz of 100% soybean wax by weight and boasts a 20 - 35 hour burn time.


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Fall Inspired Scents - Classic Collection

  • Most Classic Collection orders can be shipped within 2 weeks or less, depending on size of order and time of year.