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The Classic Collection has been revamped!  Choose your scent from the dropdown menu.


The 4oz jar holds 4oz of 100% soybean wax by weight and boasts a 15 - 30 hour burn time.

The 8oz jar holds 7.5oz of 100% soybean wax by weight and boasts a 40 - 60 hour burn time.





Scents available in amber jars with black lids & labels:


Apple Maple Bourbon - sweet apple & maple mixed with warm bourbon




Autumn Leaves - dry leaves with notes of cedar, cinnamon, & tonka




Birchwood Cypress - birch bark, wild cypress, sea salt, lime, & ocean moss




Darkness - an alluring blend of resinous cedar, dry leaves, harvest apple, cinnamon, clove, & sandalwood




Dry Gin + Pomegranate Bitters - botanical gin, juniper, & cypress blended with tart pomegranate, rosemary, & cedar




Farmstand Apple - freshly picked apples from the orchard




Flannel Shirt - warm notes of nutmeg, vanilla, & sandalwood mixed with cedar, patchouli, heirloom mahogany, & soft musk




Fraser Fir - fresh fir needles, balsam, & evergreen




Hickory Suede - hickory smoke, leather, bergamot, musk, & tobacco




Honey Bourbon - rich honey, spiced orange, & smooth bourbon




Merry + Bright - juicy pear mixed with warm cinnamon & clove




Mother Earth - freshly turned soil, mossy oak, bergamot, sandalwood, & patchouli




Palo Santo - cleansing blend of palo santo wood, saffron, smoke, & sandalwood




Pumpkin Firewood - roasted pumpkin, charred firewood, black amber, & myrrh




Pumpkin Ginger Sage - warm pumpkin & ginger mixer with clean sage




Roasted Coffee - the intoxicating scent of fresh roasted coffee beans




Sandalwood Clove - clove bud, cinnamon bark, & cassia blended with sandalwood, black dahlia, & tobacco leaves




Smoked Oud Wood - resinous wood notes intermingled with sweet smoke & embers




Smoked Vanilla - smooth vanilla, smoky sandalwood, & subtle notes of warm bourbon & leather




Tobacco Red Cedar - sweet cherry tobacco leaves mixed with earthy red cedar






Scents available in frosted jars with white lids & labels:


Afternoon Tea - floral bergamot with rich black tea




Ambrosia - golden applewood honey, sweet nectar, almond, & bee pollen




Cactus Blossom - green cactus, citrus, coconut water, & fresh florals




Cerulean Skies + Pine - fresh ozone, pine, balsam, vetiver, & moss




Clementine Lavender - sweet clementine intermingled with herbal lavender




Fig Tree - earthy green figs, green foliage, bergamot, hyacinth, & rosewood




Gingerbread Latte - cinnamon, ginger, & clove mixed with vanilla & espresso




Gingered Bergamot - fresh bergamot, ground ginger, patchouli, basil, & cedar




Golden Hour - soft notes of heliotrope, freesia, & currant mixed with warm notes of amber & cashmere




Lavender Pumpkin - a unique combination of warm pumpkin spice & fresh lavender sprigs




Meyer Lemon + Tea Leaves - floral Meyer lemon mixed with green tea, rosemary, eucalyptus, & agave




Peach Nectar + Saffron - peach nectar, ginger, coconut milk, saffron, & patchouli




Plant Lady - an earthy & fresh blend of raspberry leaf, tomato leaf, watercress, & aloe




Pumpkin Crème Brûlée - creamy pumpkin purée, cinnamon, cardamom, & rich maple blended with caramelized sugar & vanilla




Rose Geranium - rose geranium leaves, citrus, & herbs




Rosewood Amber - rosewood, vetiver, white thyme, & amber resins




Seagrass + Sage - sea grass, camphor, citrus, sage, & moss




Sweater Weather - juniper berry, sweet spearmint, apple, & fallen leaves




White Birch Vanilla - birchwood, smoked vanilla bean, & soft musk




Windowsill Succulents - bamboo, sage, grass, oakmoss, & aloe

Classic Collection

  • Most Classic Collection orders can be shipped within 2 weeks or less, depending on size of order and time of year.