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The Celestial Collection is made with an exclusive coconut-soy-beeswax blend along with premium fragrances and wooden wicks which crackle lightly as they burn for an added ambiance.  Each candle features select well-known constellations that will become more vibrant as the candle burns down the the glowing flame can be seen through the stars!  We have also created a special lunar phases candle where the moons will become more vibrant as your candle burns.  There are zodiac constellations as well as non-zodiac, and the scents are celestial themed but not exclusive to any particular constellation so you can choose the scent and constellation combination that you prefer! 



Aphelion - Cannabis • Coriander • Ashwood

Celtic Moon - Cinnamon • Clove • Nutmeg

Dark Night - Birch • Black Pepper • Musk

Galaxy - Eucalyptus • Neroli • Vetiver

Harvest Moon - Pear • Juniper • Spruce

Horizon - Mandarin • Basil • Myrrh

Infinite - Ozone • Dry Leaves • Oakmoss

Luminary - Spanish Moss • Rosemary • Evening Primrose

Luna - Rose • Citrus • Vanilla Bean

Moon Shadow - Tea Leaves • Jasmine • Sandalwood

Nightfall - Lavender • Ylang Ylang • Tonka Bean

Supernova - Lavender • Sage • Eucalyptus



The Celestial Collection comes in 9oz jars and hold 8oz of coconut-soy-beeswax (a proprietary blend), and they boast a 55 - 75 hour burn time.  Please make your constellation and scent selections from the drop-down menus.



Celestial Collection

  • Most Celestial Collection orders can be shipped within 2 - 4 weeks, depending on size of order and time of year. 

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