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The Bad Words, Good Intentions Collection is full of snarky little quips meant to make you smile...and as an added bonus, they all smell amazing! The 9oz jar holds 8oz of 100% soybean wax by weight and boasts a 45 - 65 hour burn time. Choose your scent from the dropdown menu.


Allergic to the Bullshit - orange blossom, water lily, honey

Anxious AF - ginseng, lime, mint

Basic Bitch - pumpkin spice latte

Bitch, You Got This - black currant, jasmine, tonka

Bite Me - black cherry, pineapple, lime

Calm Your Tits - lavender, cedar leaf, camphor

Crafty Bitch - orange, patchouli, oakmoss

Dirty Hippie - herbal patchouli, nag champa, sandalwood

Do Epic Shit - lemon, verbena, eucalyptus

Do No Harm, Take No Shit - lavender, sandalwood, amber

Domestic Fucking Goddess - fresh laundry, light florals, soft powder

Don't Be a Cunt - blackberry, saffron, musk

Don't Bug Me - citronella, lemongrass, rosemary

Drink Up, Witches - pumpkin, bourbon, mahogany

Excuse the Mess, My Kids Are Assholes - sugary breakfast cereal

Feminism is my Second Favorite F Word - citrus, jasmine, sandalwood

Festive as Fuck - pomegranate, red currant, apple cider

Fresh Out of Fucks - lemon, verbena, basil leaf

Fuck Around & Find Out - mango, pineapple, coconut milk

Fuck Your Feelings - pinecone, musk, cedarwood

Fueled by Caffeine & Feminist Rage Fresh - fresh roasted coffee beans

Go the Fuck to Sleep - lavender, fern, sage

Happy Fucking Birthday - red velvet cake

High AF - cannabis, fern, violet

Home Sweet Fucking Home - apple, pecan, sage

I Came, I Saw, I Had Anxiety, I Left - bergamot, spearmint, camphor

I Hate You the Least - honeysuckle, patchouli, vanilla

I Like Pretty Things & the Word Fuck - cocoa butter, amber, sandalwood

I'd Shank a Bitch for You - lime, coconut, vanilla

Inhale the Good Shit, Exhale the Bullshit - Indian sandalwood, dark musk, golden amber

Introverted AF - blackberry, lily, musk

It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers - pumpkin, plum, spices, maple syrup, vanilla

Just Trying to Keep My Shit Together - dandelion, sweetgrass, lily

Keep Calm & Drink More Wine - red wine, white flowers, dry wood

Let's Brunch, Bitch - mandarin mimosa

Let's Day Drink - fresh fruits, wine, effervescence

Let's Get Toasted - toasted marshmallow

Let That Shit Go - amber, lotus blossom, vanilla suede

Live, Laugh, Leave - plum, raspberry, patchouli

Love Your Fucking Guts - dragonfruit, foliage, plumeria

Miss Your Damn Face - mimosa, cardamom, heliotrope

Mother of the Fucking Year - rosemary, pomander, lavender

My Favorite Season is the Fall of the Goddamn Patriarchy - autumn leaves, harvest apples, nutmeg

My Last Fuck to Give...Oh Look, It's on Fire - burning embers, smoky sandalwood, dry leaves

Namaste, Bitches - sandalwood, bergamot, patchouli

Not Enough Sage in the World for this Shit - herbal earthy sage

Not Everyone's Cup of Tea - tea leaves, rosehips, bergamot

Not Getting Paid Enough for this Shit - sandalwood, suede, cedar

Not Today Satan - peppermint, lily, amber

O' Holy Fuck - winter woods, citrus, clove

Oh Please, Mansplain it to Me Some More - bergamot, olive branches, musk

Santa's Favorite Ho! - ginger, nutmeg, cocoa

Spooky Bitch - cinnamon bark, black tea, patchouli

Thanks For Putting Up with All My Shit - apricot, lavender, cashmere

The Mask Goes Over Your Fucking Nose Too, Asshole - bergamot, honey, almond

Tis' the Fucking Season - cinnamon, apple, clove

True Crime & Chill - yuzu, cocoa, tonka bean

Wash Your Damn Hands - bay leaves, blackberry, soft florals

Welcome to the Shitshow - apple, violet, musk

You're a Fucking Goddess - citrus, cassis, fern

Bad Words, Good Intentions Collection

  • If there is any damage to your order, please contact us by email and include photos of damage to product as wells as photos of the packaging within 5 business days of receiving.  We will then issue a credit or replacement for damaged items.  After this time, we are not responsible for items.  We recommend keeping candles out of direct sun and heat to preserve quality and appearance of candles. 

  • Most orders ship out within 1 - 2 weeks.  Occasionally it can be in less time depending on other orders, our schedules, etc.  Please note that orders are typically made to order, and everything is hand-poured in small batches.  These are NOT coming to you from a large factory with dozens of workers. 


    If you do need your order more quickly, please email us or leave a note, and we will see what we can do!

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