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The faces behind JKM...

I started JKM Soy Candles in 2008, shortly after my first child was born.  At that time it was just me (Jenny), my husband (Kris), and my child (Maddie) - this is where "JKM" came from.  What started as a hobby in that 1 bedroom apartment grew into a business I didn't even know I wanted.  Today we have 2 more children (Zoë & Lorelei), we have our candles in 75+ stores throughout the US, and we have 5 candle collections (& always new ideas in the works!).  I am so thankful for everything this business has taught me and given me.  Despite the growth of our business, I maintain the best quality possible in our products.  I proudly hand-pour each and every candle.  When you purchase from us, you are supporting a small business and supporting handmade.  Thank you!


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